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[Amazon AWS] – DevAx Online Workshop Series 2: Data Analytics

Welcome to DevAx Online Workshop Series 2: Data Analytics, a free 4-week virtual workshop designed to elevate and enhance your business decision with analysis and visualization of data. Learn how to leverage AWS Glue for the data catalogue and run ETL on the data lake, set up data warehouse with Amazon Redshift, and tell businesses’ story through data with Amazon QuickSight.

By the end, participants will be empowered with tools and best practices, as well as an understanding of actionable steps that they can take to build data pipelines, derive critical insights from visualizations, and create a strong data foundation.

Why attend?

Join us as we feature AWS partners, technologies and innovations in data analytics. Dive deep into architectural, best practices, and business cases.

Who should attend?

We welcome everyone whether you are getting started with AWS Data Analytics, an advances user, a business executive, or simply curious.


  • 4 weeks from 24 Sep 2021 to 15 Oct 2021 (GTM + 7:00, Bangkok, Hanoi)
  • Theory: 9 AM – Friday mornings
  • Lab: Friday to Sunday


Module 1: Build Data Lake with AWS Glue, Athena
Module 2: Build Data Warehouse with Amazon Redshift
Module 3: Build Dashboard with QuickSight
Module 4: Contest: Data story-telling with Quick Sight

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