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ORIENT HANDICRAFT Co., Ltd (ORICRAFT – OHC) has been in the craft field since 2008. Since its founding, ORIENT HANDICRAFT has made quite significant attainments in terms of exporting volume, distinctive designs and credibility from our customers.

Our products range from decorative storage to woven furniture. With nature fibers of Water hyacinth, Abaca, Sea-grass, Bamboo and Rattan, we assure that we can bring to you the most fabulous hand-made creation carrying a natural fresh breeze into your home sweet home and your working area.

Experiences collected through years have helped us firmly build our confidence in this choosy business. From many countries all over the world as Germany, USA, France, Australia, Guatemala, South Korea, Thailand, etc., our customers have fallen in love with our practically tremendous produce. With a variety of products and exclusive designs, it is promising that we can meet most of your demands without any difficulties.

Valuing the company’s reputation, our vision is to provide you the best quality merchandises as well as the most outstanding service with a hope that we can satisfy your taste. We are committed to offer you the best ever according to our means. With the key criterion “Save the BEST for the customers!”, we are looking at your demands as the top priority. Your satisfaction means our happiness. “Come with Puzzle! Go with Contentment!”. We expect each and every customer of ours will be pleased stepping out and looking back at our company promising to drop by for the next order.

Yours Sincerely,