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Giới thiệu về nhà tuyển dụng

Our company, MEC INFOTECH VIETNAM, is 100% Japan-based company, located in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s just founded in 2023. technically the official approval will be given around June of 2023. As of April, we have 10 IT engineers, including still students who will graduate from their university this year. We do the business related to IT industry such as software / apps development. The parent company gives us jobs. We work on a project with Japanese staff or bridge SEs.

We can provide you with sophisticated training lessons which will be useful for you to become an advanced developer, and you can develop your career through our various types of projects. Working for our company do not only bring you the benefit of becoming an skillful developer but also becoming a bridge SE, moreover you will have a chance to go to Japan to work.

Our company is going to be growing. why don’t you grow together with us?