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One in four people in the world still cannot fulfill one of the most basic human needs: drinking safe water. This crisis impacts all the more the most vulnerable populations, whose health, education and economic development are directly endangered by the lack of sake drinking water.

Since 2005, 1001fontaines has worked to solve the safe drinking water challenge globally.

We pioneered the “Water Kiosk” model, a social franchise network of small-scale water entrepreneurs producing and distributing water jugs to the local community, up to the last mile, in partnership with the local authorities of their village. The water is sold at a very low price to make it affordable to all, while generating revenues for a sustainable business and financial model. We successfully brought it to scale and sustainability in Cambodia, where we are the #1 water provider in rural and remote areas of Cambodia with almost 300 kiosks across the country with 25% of rural households that can now access our safer water services.

We currently operate in 4 countries: Cambodia, Madagascar, Myanmar & Vietnam. And we impact today 1 million beneficiaries worldwide and aim at scaling to 10 million by 2030.


In Vietnam, in Nov 2020, we decided to launch a new urban model through OWE Water, a social enterprise providing access to safe and affordable drinking water to vulnerable urban households in HCMC.

People living in urban zones are stuck between:

  • Unsafe and unstable tap water, linked to quick urbanization: this tap water is full of heavy metals, microplastics & pesticides and cannot be drunk.
  • And water jugs uncontrolled markets where 90% of basic jugs we tested had at least one bacteria.

Both can be very harmful for people’s Health.

And the first impacted are vulnerable people, who cannot afford to buy safe & expensive products.

To ensure a very high quality in a more mature market, we implemented a different model here through a midsize factory.

Our ambition is to reach 1,000,000 daily drinkers by 2030 by expanding our network of water production facilities and resellers and by building partnerships with factories with our Water for Workers program.

Today, OWE Water Vietnam is a committed team of 35 people serving 50,000 daily consumers in Ho Chi Minh City and sharing the same core values as 1001fontaines, and tomorrow 500 000 vulnerable people.