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Lam Nguyen Services Company Limited operates in the field of Customer services, Softwaredevelopment, and providing marketing solutions and Company’s strategic customer is Fastboy Marketing

Fastboy Marketing Company operates in the field of Marketing and provides marketing technology solutions for nail salons, restaurants, spas in the US, Canada, UK, Australia … The founder is Mr. Vuong Pham, a young Vietnamese – American millionaire.
Fastboy Marketing Company is also known for its own technology products created by its employees such as Go-Check in, POS, and CRM … which have received a lot of attention and use from customers.
In 2020, the covid -19 epidemic appears and affects the global economy, but with the right strategy, Fastboy Marketing Company is constantly rising and standing in the top 800 fastest growing companies in the US. Undergoing many ups and downs, currently the Company has reached 10,000 customers with a staff of up to 200 people working in the US and Vietnam offices.

Lam Nguyen Services Company Limited has been accompanying the continuous development of Fastboy Marketing.