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Why "HUFLIT Interview Week 2024"?

Why "HUFLIT Interview Week 2024"?

Engaging to Alumni & Seniors

CVs Commitment

10% Early Bird Policy

Employer Branding

Post-Event Documents

Engaging to Alumni and Seniors

Employers conduct direct interviews with Alumni and Seniors

CVs Commitment

All participating enterprises will receive CVs before the event via careerhub.huflit.edu.vn

Employer Branding Communications

Diverse through exhibition activities and livestreamed recruitment information.

Early Bird Policy

A 10% discount for registering before April 15th, 2024.

Post-event documents

We are committed to delivering complete post-event documentation to sponsoring enterprises.

HUFLIT Career Fair series

HUFLIT Career Fair series

HUFLIT Online Career

HUFLIT Online Career 2021

Số liệu thống kê 2021


HUFLIT Job Fair 2022


HUFLIT Career Fair

HUFLIT Career Fair 2023


HUFLIT Internship
Week 2024

HUFLIT Internship Week 2024




Following the success of previous HUFLIT Career Fairs, the “HUFLIT Interview Week 2024” is an optimal event aimed at facilitating direct connections for esteemed Enterprises with Alumni and Seniors. This endeavor addresses your recruitment needs for various job positions, offering suitable costs while enhancing additional benefits in employer branding communications.

Organized by the HUFLIT Career Hub, the HUFLIT Interview Week 2024 will take place from June 3 – 7, at 828 Su Van Hanh street, Ward 13, District 10, featuring several practical activities, including:

  • The Golden Interview Day (June 6 and June 7) 
  • The Career Workshop on “Interview and Salary Negotiation Skills” (June 3) 
  • The Exhibition and Livestream of recruitment information (May 13 – June 7)

With years of experience in organizing similar events, we are committed to providing the best benefits for businesses and HUFLIT students to connect and create meaningful recruitment opportunities.

We invite you to join HUFLIT for a week of recruitment connection ceremony, where your business will not only have the opportunity to find potential candidates and share job opportunities, but also to strengthen your employer brand through effective communication.

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Huflit Alumni

Outstanding Activities

Outstanding Activities

Chup Anh Profile

CV Check
& Profile Photos

Participating in providing feedback on CVs and taking profile photos for alumni and graduating students.

Interview Day 1

The Golden Interview Day

Enterprises will directly interview candidates who have submitted their CVs on the website careerhub.huflit.edu.vn and those who apply their CVs directly on June 6th and 7th.

Trien lam thong tin thuc tap

The Exhibition of Recruitment Information

The exhibition and livestream of the enterprises' recruitment information will take place from May 13rd to May 31st.

Workshop Ky nang viet CV

Career Workshop: "Interview and Salary Negotiation Skills"

A career workshop equipping professional skills for fourth-year students with the theme "Interview and Salary Negotiation Skills".

Sponsorship Participation Format

Chi Phi Moi Dn Internship Week 24 (3)

Media Plan

Media Plan

The aim of the communication efforts for the HUFLIT Interview Week 2024 is to enhance the engagement and registration of Seniors, alumni, and esteemed enterprises towards the employment networking activities embedded within the event.
At the same time, our goal is to broaden the dissemination of the event to the wider community of HUFLIT students across generations through initiatives on various social media platforms.
Consequently, this will facilitate participating enterprises in identifying prospective and fitting candidates from the institution.

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Payment Procedure

Payment Procedure

10% Discount

10% Discount

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer Details



From April 24, 2024, to June 7, 2024, website https://careerhub.huflit.edu.vn will display job postings from enterprises participating in the HUFLIT Interview Week 2024 (as per sponsorship package), accompanied by featured tags.

With a highlighted job posting, the background color of the posting will be different, and it will not be drifting among other postings.

There are 02 interview areas (at the 828 Su Van Hanh campus) available for enterprises, depending on their participation format:

Private room: Meeting room designated for Diamond Sponsors.

Shared room: Conducted in the Conference Room. 

For each interview session, the organizers will arrange 07 interview tables for 07 enterprises.

There are 2 interview sessions on June 6 and June 7.

Each interview session will include 2 slots:

Morning session from 09:00 – 11:30, Afternoon session from 14:00 – 16:00.

Depending on the participation format, enterprises will register for suitable interview times.

HUFLIT stands prepared to receive and engage in discussions regarding sponsorship needs from your esteemed business, encompassing sponsorship for event organization, support for event staff uniforms, and other relevant forms of sponsorship.

Your esteemed enterprise can make payments in cash at the Planning and Finance Department (Lobby A, 828 Su Van Hanh street, Ward 13, District 10).

The settlement documents (Hồ sơ quyết toán) of your esteemed enterprise includes:

Educational Sponsorship Document – Biên bản tài trợ giáo dục (Form 03, issued along with Circular No. 78/2014/TT-BTC by the Ministry of Finance). It must be confirmed by HUFLIT.

Confirmation of non-VAT invoice issuance (Giấy xác nhận không xuất hoá đơn VAT). It must be confirmed by HUFLIT.

In case your esteemed enterprise requires issuing a receipt (Phiếu thu), please make cash payment at the University’s Planning and Finance Department.

Implementation Progress

Timeline Interview Week 2024

Contact Information

HCMC University of Foreign Languages – Information Technology (HUFLIT) cordially invites esteemed enterprises to participate in introducing job opportunities and information about your enterprise to the Alumni and Seniors community.

For further details about the program, please contact:

MBA. Aiden (Mr.)

Industry Collaboration Dept



MBA. Nghia Nguyen (Mr.)

Industry Collaboration Dept

0909.970.020 / 0366.04.11.26 (zalo)


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