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Starting from April 17th to April 22nd, 2023


Greater opportunities to approach potential candidates

HUFLIT Career Fair 2023 takes place from April 17th to April 22nd during the 2nd graduation assessment and the internship season of fourth-year students. When participating in this event, employers are enabled to approach more than 4,000 juniors and seniors

Various methods to collect students’ CV

Employers are able to receive CV on our online platform for recruitment called HUFLIT JOB HUB, and also through activities during the event.

10% Discount pricing policy

HUFLIT offers 10% discounts for early registrations, our MOU partners and business owned by HUFLIT’s alumni.

Data collection after the event

The organizing committee provides quantitative details of promotional efficiency and shares a certain amount of related data for business report.

Recap HUFLIT Job Fair 2022

1. General outcomes
2950 +
CV Submitted
People reached
120 k
7 k
2. Webinar #Đilàm_Vôlo
3563 views for 4 Webinars on Fanpage
3. Press Announcement

About HUFLIT Career Fair 2023

Our upcoming career fair lasts approximately one week from April 17th to April 22nd, mainly at Su Van Hanh Campus.

In fact, there are many activities conducted throughout the whole event, intended to equip students with essential skills in order that they can be eligible for employment, such as how to find suitable jobs for their characters and abilities, or how to tailor their CV to the job description.

Besides, the event assists employers in increasing students’ attention to their job announcements, and additionally strengthening their brand recognition in these potential individuals thanks to a series of activities, including Discover Traits – Find Career Faith (Gieo tính cách – See công việc), CV Camps 24 Hours, Career Talks Day and Career Gathering Day with competitive prices.

Organization Scales

The event is expected to open 21 booths and attract 4000+ students

Number Internship

An overview of HUFLIT Career Fair 2023

Check out detailed information and Sponsor's benefits on each activity

 Students take the Holland Code career quiz to tease out what might be the suitable profession for their interests, abilities and talents, based on 6 personality types including Investigative, Conventional, Realistic, Artistic, Social and Enterprising.

When the test is done, an email will automatically be sent to students with a list of corresponding career suggestions.

Job announcements will be distributed to different lists of career suggestions, attached in emails to students. Depending on the level of participation and sponsorship, recruitment announcements of each business will be put in different order in these lists

2 workshops will be held to broaden students’ understanding of how to write ATS-friendly resumes and how to build better LinkedIn profiles.

Furthermore, there will be a CV writing competition about 6 HUFLIT’s major-associated areas, with the purpose of assessing whether undergraduates are able to beat the ATS for the interview

– Employers can receive a particular number of CV submitted which accounts for 10%, 30%, 50% or 100%, depending on the level of participation and sponsorship.

– Recruitments of enterprises with diamond and gold sponsorship levels will be topics for the CV writing competition.

-In addition, representatives from these business will be invited to become judges for the final round of the competition.

Thanks to talk shows, students will have better insights into hidden sides of certain occupations, essential skills to meet employers’ demands, good opportunities to start and develop a career, besides working conditions and environments at a few companies

This activity is available exclusively to businesses with diamond and gold sponsorship levels.

HUFLIT guarantees that each enterprise will be given a talk show with sufficient facilities and attendees.

HUFLIT also provides supplementary benefits, such as collecting CV or interviewing students.

The activity is expected to attract 21 businesses and 4,000 students.

Employers are enabled to directly interact with students.

In terms of detailed benefits, each business will get distinctive ones, depending on the level of participation and sponsorship.


Date: April 22nd - Location: Su Van Hanh Campus

08:00 - 08:30
The Opening Ceremony
08:30 - 15:00
The Career Engagement between Students and Employers
09:30 - 10:15
Keynote #1
15:00 - 15:30
The Lucky Draw
15:30 - 16:00
The Award Ceremony for Winners of the CV writing competition The Closing Ceremony


So do gian hang Ngay hoi viec lam 2023

Sơ đồ gian hàng ngày 22/4/2023




21 Enterprises
8,000,000 VND Full packages
  • 01 standard booth
  • Basic promotional benefits
  • Post 01 job with #CAREERFAIR
  • Discover Traits – Find Career Faith ​
  • CV collection on HUFLIT Job Hub


3 Enterprises
30,000,000 VND Full packages
  • 01 standard booth
  • Basic promotional benefits
  • Post 02 jobs with #CAREERFAIR
  • Discover Traits - Find Career Faith
  • CV collection from various sources


2 Enterprises
45,000,000 VND Full packages
  • 01 priority booth
  • Basic promotional benefits
  • Post 04 jobs with #CAREERFAIR
  • Discover Traits - Find Career Faith
  • Career Talks
  • Engagement in CV Camps 24h
  • CV collection from various sources


1 Enterprise
60,000,000 VND Full packages
  • 01 priority booths
  • All promotional benefits
  • Post 06 jobs witth #CAREERFAIR
  • Diccover Traits - Find Career Faith
  • Priority Career Talks
  • Significant engagement in CV Camps 24 hours
  • Keynote #1 on April 22th
  • Priority in CV collection


Logo displayed on the official website and fanpage of the event
Size of Sponsor’s logo on POSM
Equal to 1/2 of HUFLIT’s logo
Equal to 3/4 of HUFLIT’s logo
Equal to HUFLIT’s logo
Equal to HUFLIT logo, at standout position
Promotional content on the Website and Fanpage
Included in the general post of a certain profession
01 post
01 post + link to job announcements
02 posts + link to job announcements
Business information posted on Students’ Portal & Wifi Marketing
Logo displayed on the welcome gate
Pop-up logo reveals when students acess to
Job position in the suggesting list
In Top 5
In Top 3
Top 1
The number of lists includes your jobs
In only one particular list
In 2 particular lists
In 3 particular lists
In all lists
Logo displayed on the landing page of this activity
Data of students participating in this activity
Logo displayed on the landing page of this activity
Job recruitment will be the content of the CV Writing Competition
Business representatives invited as judges of the final round of the CV Writing Competition
CV collection from whom participated in the CV Writing Competition
A talk show for each enterprise
Data collection from whom participated in the talk show
Receive free standard booth
1 booth (Random location)
1 booth (Random location)
1 booth (Chosen location)
2 booths (Chosen location)
Be invited onto the stage to receive
Appreciation letter
Sponsor recognition board
Sponsor recognition board
Sponsor recognition board
The number of jobs marked with feautred tag on HUFLIT JOB HUB
1 job
2 jobs
4 jobs
6 jobs
Be introduced as one of sponsor representatives at the Opening Ceremony
A private room for interview
Logo displayed on LED screen at the main stage
A representative will be invited to give a speech at the Opening Ceremony
Participants MUST check in at the booth
Posting jobs on HUFLIT JOB HUB
Totally free
Totally free
Totally free (with featured tag)
Totally free (with featured tag)
Receiving quantitative data related to promotional activities
Collecting more CV from users of HUFLIT JOB HUB
Collecting information of whom attended on April 22nd


Job Fair 23 Ho so moi tai tro 1
2 Copy

Pricing policy Ealry Bird 10% Discount

Bank Transfer Information

Hoi dap Ngay hoi viec lam

In the journey to develop a career, students need to follow the 4As process (4 Hiểu)

  • Answer the concern about their job personalities thanks to Activity 1 “Discover Traits – Find Career Faith” (Gieo tính cách – See công việc) (#Hiểu tính cách)
  • Analyze recruitment information for more suitable CV thanks to Activity 2 “CV Camps 24h” (#Hiểu CV)
  • Acknowledge workplace etiquettes thanks to Activity 3 “Career Talks Day” (#Hiểu văn hóa)
  • Adapt to work thanks to Activity 4 “Career Gathering Day” (#Hiểu công việc)

From April 2nd to April 22nd 2023, job announcements of enterprises participating in the event will be marked with featured tag. The purpose is to highlight these recruitments, so that more attention will be caught.

HUFLIT aims at creating well-ventilated space. Therefore, all booths will have open structure with no partition. As for outdoor booths, roofs will be provided.

Booths from different companies will be set from 15 to 20 cm apart, depending on the current situation.

HUFLIT is willing to have further discussions with business representatives about their sponsorship demands, such as raising funds for the event, supplying giveaway gifts or giving clothing items for organizers.

In addition to paying with bank transfer, employers can pay in cash in our Department of Planning – Finance at 828 Su Van Hanh Street, Ward 13, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

The settlement record includes:

  • Education Sponsorship Acknowledgement (form 03, issued together with Circular No. 78/2014/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance), certified by HUFLIT
  • Certificate of non-issue of VAT invoice, verified by HUFLIT

In case of issuing a receipt, please pay in cash in our Department of Planning – Finance.

Procedure for the event

Registration start date
Closing date of the discount pricing policy
Registration end date
Deadline of payments
Event promotion to public
Meeting between organizers and business participants
Booths handed to business participants

Contact information

The organizing committee of HUFLIT Career Fair 2023 cordially invites businesses to join in sponsoring or enrolling in the event to introduce job opportunities and other related information to students.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thiều (M.A)

Head of External Relations Department


Mr. Đỗ Đức Anh (M.A)

External Relations Executive


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