Internship Technical Support Engineer – Window Server

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Mô tả công việc

Project Introduction

The project provides Microsoft worldwide customers with the most professional technical

support services in the process of building, configuring and maintaining Windows servers.

The project customers are all over the world, and most of them are multinational enterprises

of the world’s top 500. The Engineer in this position will work with Microsoft’s top technical

support engineers in all time zones around the world to provide technical support services to

Microsoft customers by telephone, e-mail and remote assistance, so as to ensure customers’

continuous recognition and satisfaction with Microsoft’s products and services.

Every member of the project team is responsible for providing the best service and helping

other members of the team grow rapidly. Build an effective platform so that every colleague

can give full play to their best abilities, help others and build their own influence.


Windows Technology Advantages

Over the years, Windows is still the cornerstone of many Microsoft product lines, and its

status has never changed, but more from front to back, from outside to inside. The underlying

infrastructure of Microsoft’s public cloud product azure is a cloud platform based on a large

number of Windows Server servers, networks and storage devices. For large enterprises with

high digital requirements, if they want to build a private cloud or hybrid cloud data center

based on Microsoft technology, they can’t do without high-end infrastructure engineers and

operation and maintenance engineers proficient in Windows Server technology.

Core Technology

  • As the traditional technology of on Prem, Windows has always been the foundation for

Microsoft to settle down, and operating system (OS), Virtualization (Hyper-V), network

(Network) and storage (storage) together constitute today’s cloud infrastructure. No on

Prem, no cloud, it can be said that mastering the underlying Windows technology has
more advantages not only in technical depth, but especially in the hybrid environment.

  • Windows technology itself is also developing and evolving. In the cloud world,Windows has also added many new features, such as nano server, Windows container,SDN, storage space direct. Windows technology is not out of date, but keeps pace with

    the times.

  • Taking directory service technology, which is more inclined to the application layer, asan example, through in-depth understanding of a variety of authentication technologies,we can not only master the core business of the traditional IT environment, but also

    easily extend to the identity business of the Azure Platform.

Tech Specialties

  • Directory Service (DS): Active Directory Management, Authentication, PKI
  • Networking (Net): DHCP/DNS/SMB/TCP-IP/RDS/VPN (e.g. SDN)
  • Storage & High-Availability (SHA): Windows Cluster and Storage (e.g. Storage SpaceDirect, Windows Container)
  • Performance and Setup (Perf & DnD): Windows Server performance, WDS, MDT,
    Bitlocker, Printing (Nano Server), Windows 10
  • User Experience (UEX): Remote Desktop Service (RDS), Azure Virtual Desktop(AVD), Fax, Printing Service, VDI, etc.